July 4rd – 5pm to 11pm

Cowlitz County Expo Center

Microbrew – Wine – Domestic beer – Great Food – Indoor & Outdoor

Live Music – The King Brother

Each year, the Pioneer Lions host a Beer Garden. This event is held annually just before the 4th of July adjacent to the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds. This is a highly anticipated social event, where people who don’t often see each other can get together and catch up on what’s happening. The “Chuckwagon” and other food vendors are there to provide food, and our smaller cooler wagon dispenses beer and wine coolers. Local wineries and brewers also participate providing a wide variety of offerings.

This open air event draws between 2 and 3 thousand people each year (significantly fewer when it rains). The club is greatly appreciative of the assistance and support of local Law Enforcement who have helped to keep these events safe and successful year after year.

Presented by:

Longview Pioneer Lions

Tokens are $3/ea

Tokens Per: Wine = 2  – Micro = 2 – Domestic = 1

Food is Cash at the counter.

Proceeds to Benefit:
Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

The Veterans Service Center of Longview

Additional Local Lions Programs

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