ON THE PASSING OF PP MILT HANSEN – One of our finest Lions passed away last Saturday. Milt had a heart attack while weekending at Depoe Bay, Oregon. Milt is survived by his wife, Chris (Dumplin) and a large family, as we all have witnessed each year at the Spaghetti Feed. Milt, nicknamed Eagle by the late PP Ray Strange and Uncle Miltie by many Lions who naturally looked up to him, was a Lion’s Lion. He was a Melvin Jones Fellow and a respected Past President whose advice was sought by many Lions who had questions about how things get done in the Pioneer Lions Club. PP Milt was a Lion of the Year and an advanced key member for the Lions he had brought into the club. He was on the Board of Directors and chaired various committees. Suffice it to say that Milt was a big man with a big heart who in turn was loved by those who knew him. Milt, you are missed and we thank you for all you did in your Lions service for your club and community.

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