“If your thinking about giving back to the community and want to have fun doin’ it, you’ve come to the right place!”


If you are a visitor to our website and have an interest in serving our community through membership in a service club, then we invite you to join us for a lunch meeting. We meet every Tuesday at noon at the Cowlitz County Expo Center on 3rd Avenue. Just let one of our Lion Tamers, or greeters, know that you are a visitor interested in Lions. They will connect you with a Lion who will sit with you during our meeting and attempt to answer any questions you may have about Lions in general and the Longview Pioneer Lions in particular.

If you are unable to join us for a regular meeting, then we encourage you to email your questions to our bill who will forward your message to the appropriate Lion. You might also consider giving your name and phone number in the email and a Lion from our club will call you. Either way this first step is the most difficult because you might not know any of us. Please, don’t let that discourage you.

Any adult resident of the community, man or woman, who is of good moral character and who has good standing in the community is eligible for membership. Lions should consider friends, neighbors, coworkers, and anyone we come into contact with on a regular basis. It is part of our duty as a Lion to ask people whom we think would be an active member of our Club.

Membership in a Lions Club is by invitation only. A prospective member must be sponsored by a current Lion. The sponsoring Lion will fill in a “Proposal for Membership” form and submit it to the Membership Committee, which will then forward its recommendation to the Board of Directors. After approval, the sponsoring Lion will be advised to formally invite the prospect by obtaining a signed Membership Invitation and the initiation and membership fees.

Check out our Lions In Action Page for a Taste of our Club and Lionism for information on Lions International